Modern GUI for Redis

Medis is a modern Redis GUI designed for Mac.
It is trustworthy in critical situations.
4.8 Based on user reviews
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Or install Medis like a hacker:

brew install medis

Full Featured

Medis has proven to be highly compatible with data types like strings, lists, hashes, sets, sorted sets, streams, and even third-party modules like RedisJSON. With its visually appealing user interface, users can easily manage all their data in an enjoyable manner.

Command Query

Medis offers a query view that allows users to execute arbitrary commands. It features keyword highlighting and an autocompleter, ensuring maximum clarity and efficiency.

Tree View

Medis adheres to the Redis community’s standards and provides a customizable tree view that allows users to categorize keys however they prefer.

High Performance

Medis is specifically designed to handle databases with millions of keys and fields seamlessly, ensuring that there are no blocking issues. It works great with your production database.

Alert Mode

Every writable command in alert mode sent to servers will need your approval explicitly. This prevent you from destroying production databases accidentally.

Data Encoders

Medis recognizes different data formats automatically so don't worry if you are using MessagePack for reducing memory usages.


Medis allows you to connect to remote servers with an SSH tunnel, and it works great with SSL.

Dark Mode

Of course, Medis supports dark mode!
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